January 15, 2009

Confirm Eric Holder

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Eric Holder is certainly cool,
like his new boss, Obama,
he actually learned as well as
taught at law school.

Let him get past Mark Rich
Eric’s mistake was a bitch
but at least he’s admitted it,

Unlike that unspeakable psycopathic
and sociopathic, most crippled and
unnamable and lamest ever lame duck
who never learned anything from

September 27, 2008

Letter to Obama: The Debate

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I am thoroughly depressed by what went on last night.  Perhaps my hopes for a thorough trouncing were too high.  Our elegant, stately man allowed this prevaricating, low-class, short-limbed dweeb to insult him time and time, again, without recourse.  Barack, being accustomed to debates with intellectuals didn’t do the one thing that would have nailed his opponent from the beginning:  Come out fighting!  Point the first finger.  Challenge McSame to explain his outrageous stunt to end the so-called debate before it even began.  Criticize McAwful for interrupting negotiations on the economy.  Damn McIdiot for participating and encouraging deregulation of the financial communities going all the way back to his own involvement in the Keating Five.  Every time the nasty little scrapper made the comment, “you don’t understand,” Barack could have interjected something like, “hold on, there, John,” or “wait just a moment,” or even “who in the hell do you think you are?”  The only way to deal with bottom dealing, empty retoric blathering simpletons like McPasty Face is to demand, in one way or another, “ENOUGH!”

And, one more thing I’d like to ask our dear Barack Obama, “never, never, ever say McCain is right about anything.”  Because he’s not.  And he never has been.
Sincerely, Annie

January 9, 2008

We’re not done with the Problems of Voting Machines, yet!

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Here’s a message just received from a good Dem friend of mine in Arizona …

 A YouTube video from Black Box Voting that you won’t soon forget:


John Silvestro and his small private business, LHS Associates, has exclusive programming contracts for ALL New Hampshire voting machines, which combined will count about 81 percent of the vote in the primary. And as to Super Tuesday and beyond: Silvestro also has the programming contracts for the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Silvestro IS the New Hampshire chain of custody in New England — Or at least, a very large component in it.

Last fall, with the help of citizens like you, Black Box Voting began working on “Chain of Custody” projects, in which we identified some of the areas of concern that might affect many jurisdictions at once. First on the list for the Northeast U.S. is LHS Associates, a vendor with inside access to every memory card, as well as to the chips containing the “brain” of the Diebold optical scan machines.


In an unusual confluence of available video, we obtained footage of Silvestro grappling with Harri Hursti, the master hacker who had his way with the Diebold optical scans in Leon County, Florida in the famous exploit that was showcased in the film Hacking Democracy.

The exact same make, model and version hacked in the Black Box Voting project in Leon County is used throughout New Hampshire, where about 45 percent of elections administrators hand count paper ballots at the polling place, with the remaining locations all using the Diebold version 1.94w optical scan machine. Because the voting machine locations tend to be urban, this represents about 81 percent of the New Hampshire voters.

The video shows Harri Hursti testifying on Sept. 19 before the New Hampshire legislature, attempting to explain significant vulnerabilities requiring urgent mitigations; throughout his testimony, Silvestro inserted his own comments, opinions, misstatements and speculations.


One area of disagreement between Hursti and Silvestro was the amount of expertise needed to exploit the Diebold 1.94w optical scan system. Silvestro claimed (in a strange contortion of reasoning) that he doesn’t hire very skilled programmers, implying that this makes New Hampshire elections more secure.

Hursti pointed out that hiring programmers with a lack of knowledge is generally not considered a security feature, and also that an average high schooler can learn to exploit the system in two days to two weeks.


Black Box Voting purchased a Diebold optical scan with 1.94w firmware, and chose a computer repair shop out of the phone book, took it in, grabbed the first available technician. It took him less than 10 minutes to zero in on the memory card as a point of critical vulnerability — and oh my, did he point out some other interesting things!


Silvestro tries to claim that the security problems have been fixed in newer editions. Whether or not they have been, it’s a moot point in New Hampshire where the upgrade is not made unless the Ballot Law Commission meets, and they have not met for ages.

Silvestro then points to extraordinary measures taken by other states to enact special procedural safeguards, but of course none of those were implemented in New Hampshire either, because the Ballot Law Commission has not bothered to meet since March 2006.


Not only that, they have turned all the programming over to a sole source private company, taking vote counting for 81 percent of New Hampshire citizens out of the public domain.

LHS is not subject to public records requirements, as the government is, at least, not in New Hampshire. The control over memory card contents is absolute; when cards malfunction or get lost, LHS brings the replacements.


Since LHS maintains the machines, repairs the machines, and replaces the machines — often on Election Day — when they malfunction, they have intimate access to the chips, sockets, ports, communications devices and other electronic components.

Silvestro stated that the chip has “read only memory” and cannot be reprogrammed without frying it under ultraviolet light overnight.

Hursti never had a chance to examine the hardware, nor have most of the recent university studies had access. But our friendly neighborhood computer repair guy differed with Silvestro on the point of plug & play reprogramming of the guts of the machine.

After I push the button to send this message out to the media and the citizenry, I’ll work on getting a short YouTube video of the Accuvote checkup by our local computer repairman. And before you say, “But wait! He’s not a world class expert!” — That’s just the point.

Our local computer repairman may hit or miss on some of his analyses. You’ll all be able to try your hand at second guessing him as soon as the next video is up. But if he hits even one of his ideas for how to exploit the machine to steal votes, that’s all it takes. From someone who is not, certainly, a world class hacker or even a hacker at all.

I’ll post the link to that in a follow up here: http://www.bbvforums.org/forums/messages/1954/71200.html?1199744175 , and invite you techs to weigh in.

Please feel free to distribute, reprint or excerpt, with link to Black Box Voting and the video link above.

Bev Harris
Black Box Voting

* * * * *

This is the year to support Election protection actions: http://www.blackboxvoting.org/donate.html
or mail to:
Black Box Voting
330 SW 43rd St Suite K
PMB 547
Renton WA 98057

Donations over $45 receive the “Hacking Democracy” DVD as a gift

 These are all good things to know.  Even though things look promising, we’re not out of the woods yet!

 Keep watching.  Love, Annie

December 17, 2007

Note to Congress

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Rape and pillage!  This is a fine country you’ve gotten us into by not really paying attention.  Why has it taken two years to just begin to work on this newest disaster? Another Halliburton episode, caused by inattention on all levels.  Yes, this is just one of a lot of issues on the table.  All except the most important one.  Impeachment.   But only Dennis, listenened.  And Nancy took the big “I” off the table.  Did we elect her to do that?

We’ve all been complacent, and slow to react, to the unrivaled abuse of power that has fallen upon us all during the last seven years.  Some of us knew from the beginning, but it doesn’t really feel too good to say, “I told you so.”  We’ve allowed ourselves to be plunged into an unnecessary and illegal war.  We’re in hock to China, of all countries (look at their human rights record and their general disdain for things we hold dear).  We’ve trashed our treasury.  We give to the rich and take more from the poor.  We are the brightest spot on the globe, at night; hard evidence that we waste most of the planet’s energy.  And, we are not the beneficent, charitable country we almost used to be.  What happened to “give me your tired, your weak,” etc.?  We’re the very cause of our tiredness and weakness.  As well as the dwindling planetary resources.

We’re all to blame for the rape of women at Halliburton.  But if we specifically want to attribute this assault to someone, we know exactly where to go.  The buck, with this presidency, never stopped there.  It skipped the little cowboy and landed in Dicky’s ample lap along with his “former” company’s dreams and desires to outsource themselves to a never-land that isn’t subject to our laws.  Perfect recipe for disaster.  And, you guys didn’t see it coming?

Who have we elected to represent us?  Who will be smart enough to do the research and brave enough to fight for us when we really need it? There are a lot of outrageous issues that demand your attention but you can divvy up the work if all of you put your minds to it.  Oversight!  Burn that word into your brains, please!  Give us, the people, a report on what you’re doing to 1) End the War 2) Fix our Economy 3) Bring Back Habeaus Corpus 4) Stop Torture  5) Make possible Healthcare for all  6) Improve foreign relations 7) Save the Planet.   You know what to do.  And when.

Like Now! You owe it to us, the people who voted for you.  You owe nothing to the private contractors.  Stop acting like you don’t know what’s going on.  Act, please, like you really care and that you’re in it for us, the people.

December 2, 2007

Local Dem Clubs

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Dear non progressive Democrat Clubs everywhere: 
I’m very disappointed in the avoidance of the real issues in this country by the Democratic Congress as well as by the local groups. We did all we could to get a Democratic plurality in Congress and then were horrified to hear Nancy Pelosi state that “Impeachment is off the table.” Since that time, both parties have failed to operate under their Constitutional mandate to confront a dictatorial, secretive and criminal executive branch and have, in fact, collaborated with an administration who has lied and bullied its way into an illegal domestic spy program and an unfounded war with the wrong country, among other crimes.  As Jim Hightower wrote in his monthly report, The Lowdown, Oct. 2007, “The founders (of our Constitution) would be stunned that Congress has failed to assert itself.”  I’m stunned that our local group doesn’t pay any attention to the massive and global disasters that affect us all.  Instead we waste our time with procedural issues, lunches with dignitaries, etc.  Give me a real reason to attend the upcoming meeting and I’ll be there.  Otherwise, take me off your list.  Thanks.
PS … Of course I didn’t attend my local club’s November meeting, last month; they never gave me a reason.  No surprise, there.  They meet only every other odd numbered month in an odd numbered year, but meetings are every month in an even numbered year, as if the only years that matter are election years. How oddly appropriate.   

March 13, 2007

Well Past my New Deadlines …

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… for everything, including the mechanics of planning for new missed deadlines and, of course, getting to what has now become my once at the beginning of the month BLOG.

First off, I’m committed to effecting the change of this page’s name very soon.  It’s not a blog.  I don’t do it everyday so that people would expect it, as something with which they could engage.  Nor is it purely a vehicle for my written point of view.  I would prefer it to be where I explore, with my internet friends, visual representation of our deepest thoughts, our kindest messages, our rage at the status quo and our creative life on this planet.  As Judy Tenuta says, “It could happen.”

Maybe the new name for this so-called blog will have something to do with illustrative poetry that includes my art nouveau mural characters (gorgeous men and woman in lovely colors on large walls), my flock of chickens (and their barnyard friends in small and large watercolors) and, last but not least, ”The Rooster’s Feather” –my only children’s book, so far.  Needless to say, all these revisitations to my past work should be more in line with what people want on their walls, than my Bush bashing acrylics.  Consequently, the giclees I offer that feature anything to do with this administration will be sold at half price; there will be no new paintings that “celebrate” the beedy eyed little monster and his friends — a small little sketch, with just a couple of explanatory words, will be enough for these people, in the future.


New Deadline — April Fools Day:  1. New name for this page (you can suggest, if you like).  2. A poem to pay tribute to the day.  3) A small exhibit of new work in a new palette.


Let me know what you think and I’ll do the same.  /AP 





February 6, 2007

Bigotry & Fear

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This I wrote in response to a forwarded e-mail I received yesterday:

What’s really “gettin’ ugly” is the bigotry that characterizes this country today under our current so-called “leadership.”  No surprise. This administration still has its followers and those who go along to get along plus the assortment of fear mongers of every possible description, promulgated, aided and abetted by the media, 80% of which is committed to profits for themselves and their advertisers.

As human beings, we should, by now, be quite a bit beyond the type of thinking that causes us to point the finger at those who are different from us white, anglo-saxon Protestants or fire and brimstone God worshipers of various sorts and degrees.

Wearing a turban doesn’t automatically make someone evil and dangerous.  A mid-eastern accent and a real dangerous job such as convenience store manager or cabdriver shouldn’t confer disrespect; to the contrary, it’s a far better pursuit than a life of crime or frivolous pursuits like drug addled partying and conspicuous consumerism of all the shit that’s promoted on our airwaves, thus enabling the corporations that fuck us, to fuck us more. The desecration of the Koran by jihadist clerics who promote “cleansing” or fiery martyrdom is not embraced by most Muslims. We should refuse to buy into their unreasonable hate by hating them.

There’s a lot more I have to say about this subject but, at this point, I really believe we need to all find our way through the current rage and disappointment, fear of constant danger and general paranoia to a new way of thinking that embraces the planet and everything in it.


P.S.  It may seem like a small thing to respond to in such a way but with all the itchy trigger fingers shaking again  in Washington we don’t need wide distribution of any more “funny” messages like this in our collective inbox:

This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, in retaliation for the execution of Saddam Hussein, warned the United States that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America’s supply of convenience store managers. And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell and AOL customer service reps and Motel 6 managers.  It’s gettin’ ugly!!!

They got the ugly part right!

January 7, 2007

Save Our Wolves

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Hi, everyone … If you haven’t done this already, please follow the link below (Press control+c and paste into your browser)
http://action.defenders.org/saverockiemountainwolves  or > http://action.defenders.org/saverockiemountainwolves 

If you use some of your own words on this issue, it’s more effective.
I edited the piece as follows and sent it out.  I hope you have time to add your unique perspective.  Thanks a lot, Annie
> What can you people possibly be thinking as you consider removing protections
> for the only other predator that shares status with the largest group of
> predators that exist:  us.
> As a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife and someone who cares about wolf
> recovery in the Northern Rockies, I strongly insist that you maintain strong
> federal protections for wolves in Idaho and Wyoming.
> Like many wildlife supporters, I want to see a future where Western wolves can
> be removed from the list of endangered species. However, removing federal
> protections for wolves now would be extremely premature, in addition to being
> shortsighted, nasty and foolish. How can you forget how your intended practices
> once brought these magnificent animals to the brink of extinction?
> Wolves play a crucial role in maintaining balanced ecosystems, helping to ensure
> that increasing elk and other game populations do not overwhelm available
> habitat.
> Wolves also play an increasingly important role in the region’s economy. Nearly
> four percent of Yellowstone National Park’s 2.8 million annual visitors say they
> would not have visited the nation’s oldest national park if wolves weren’t
> there.
> I strongly insist that we maintain strong federal protections for wolves in the
> Northern Rockies.  Anything less is foolhardy beyond belief.  Annie A. Petersen


January 5, 2007

Thank you All.

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To all those whose thoughts or deeds have brought about this new Congress and possibly new era of peace through change:  THANK YOU!!!  From the bottom of my Bush bashing little heart!

With love and good wishes …  Happy New Year and New Beginnings!


December 3, 2006

Sunday visit with “Toxic Cow”

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Non-cash cow (today’s U.S.A.) is shot by the AH Trio in its left flank and it’s now kicking the right with its left hoof…big time! This is the first of a new politically inspired series entitled, “Toxic Barnyard Animals.”

I wish I had the knowledge to post the above watercolor painting in my Gallery. It would replace the terrible triptych at the end of my “purchase prints” page. The three painting triptych, together called the Asshole Trio, now show Rummy on the Left, Cheney on the right and Condi in the middle. The original of these little paintings is far better now because I’ve framed them together, and imprisoned them by hanging them from the top of a single encompassing frame. Hope to show this to all of you soon.

In the meantime, however, Toxic Cow and the three who basically shot him or her, will have to wait to be posted in the gallery until I learn some new skills. I will print and send a Toxic Cow postcard to anyone who wants one for the cost of the postage. Like my Pre-Suicide Art Sale, this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Thanks for your very much appreciated attention.

All best regards,

media is the issue: www.freepress.net